Question 7

In each of the following cases, state whether the function is one-one, onto or bijective. Justify your answer.

(i) f : R → R defined by f(x) = 3 – 4x

(ii) f : R → R defined by f(x) = 1 + x


(i) f: R → R is defined as f(x) = 3 - 4x.


∴ f is one-one.

For any real number (y) in R, there existsin R such that

f is onto.

Hence, f is bijective.


(ii) f: R → R is defined as



does not imply that x1 = x2

For instance,

∴ f is not one-one.

Consider an element - 2 in co-domain R.

It is seen thatis positive for all x ∈ R.

Thus, there does not exist any x in domain R such that f(x) = - 2.

∴ f is not onto.

Hence, f is neither one-one nor onto.

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