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Question 27

In a certain region of space, electric field is along the z-direction throughout. The magnitude of electric field is, however, not constant but increases uniformly along the positive z-direction, at the rate of 105 NC-1 per metre. What are the force and torque experienced by a system having a total dipole moment equal to 10-7 Cm in the negative z-direction?


Dipole moment of the system, p = q × dl = −10−7 C m

Rate of increase of electric field per unit length,

Force (F) experienced by the system is given by the relation,

F = qE

= −10−7 × 10−5

= −10−2 N

The force is −10−2 N in the negative z-direction i.e., opposite to the direction of electric field. Hence, the angle between electric field and dipole moment is 180°.

Torque (τ) is given by the relation,

τ = pE sin180° = 0

Therefore, the torque experienced by the system is zero.

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